Starting Fresh

Starting Fresh

Alright my dudes, buckle in.

Welcome! I've been meaning to get a site up and running for a while now.  It's not a portfolio site like some people were assuming, nor is it a secret code for all you snoops who thought there were more valentines codes hidden here.  I got all those password reset emails by the way. :^)

A couple years ago I was using the url to keep a portfolio while I was actively looking for work, but now it's redirecting to Planet Peebles! Lately I've had this creative energy that I've been completely unable to funnel into any full-fledged finished projects.  So instead I'm creating a diary/dump (glass half full or half empty) to share whatever shenanigans I've been poking at, whether it's work in progress art, or photos I've taken, or even just the music I'm listening to.  This space is going to remain very free form unless something starts to stick.

Now, to be completely honest, I've had a couple videos recorded and in the pipeline for about a month.  Since then, I've been editing them in various ways, sometimes just sitting on them, but everything feels off, and no matter how I cut it, it never quite feels like me.  The tone I'm searching for just isn't there, and I don't want to put out something that feels artificial.  I don't feel the need to make videos for the sake of making videos, or because there's a pressure (whether self-imposed or not) that it's what I should do.  So for now it will be trial and error until I'm confident, but hopefully I'll have something fun soon.

In the mean time, if you're interested in keeping up with me, here is the place to watch. I'll be diving back into the black hole that has been me staring at myself talking to a camera. I'll never improve unless I start failing faster.

Lots of love,


Edit: I also forgot to mention there's a handy comment section on the bottom of each post! Feel free to say hello!