Where Am I? A Drive to Slab City

Where Am I? A Drive to Slab City

***Sorry this video took so long to upload, still learning the Youtube ropes!***

A couple nights ago I made an impulse decision to take a long drive out of LA.  I've been putting a lot of pressure on myself lately to output creative work but I haven't had the stamina or inspiration to make anything meaningful.  As a result, videos that I've tried to make have fallen short, and I've vouched not to put out something I'm not happy with purely for the sake of having a thing, so I've held off.  I discovered art is too conversational for me to make a video talking about my interpretations, without it coming off as preachy, or as if I'm speaking for the artist.  So I'm exploring toeing that line, and while I know this video is a little rambley and uninformed, I tried to prioritize enjoying the moment over making a concrete video with a satisfying conclusion.  I feel like that would be dishonest, because I haven't come to one myself yet.

Slab City is a crazy place, and if you want to learn more about it I'll share some links below.  It's essentially a migration (snowbird) and squatters community, and it exists almost entirely off the grid (zero utilities and no local law enforcement).  Think Mad Max aesthetic but everyone is just trying to do their own thing.

This 18 hour trip was both a blast and a deliberate act of self-care for me, and I'd like to thank the Last Free Place in America for bringing me back down to earth when I desperately needed it.